• In this mid-season finale, I welcome Jamal from "Thanks For Coming: A Rupaul's Drag Race Podcast" and "Roots and The City". We start the episode with two mini topics. First, we discuss our top 3 rock singers and then get into our top 3 divas. In the main topic, we discuss Troye Sivan's sophomore album […]
  • In this week's episode, Stony from the former Thanks For Coming: A Rupaul's Drag Race Podcast joins me to discuss the sophmore album from the Foo's. First, in this week's mini topic we discuss the fatphobia problem in the queer community as it relates to Sam Smith. Keep in mind Sam goes by they/them pronouns, […]
  • We are in season 2, off and running. We continue our exploration of sophomore albums this week with TLC's hit album "crazysexycool" with special guest from cooking and lifestyle brand LizeeAngel, Monique. Together, we talk about how music can brighten up boring household chores like cleaning and cooking, as well as a dive into Monique's […]
  • As we start season two, we explore the theme of the "sophomore slump". Is it real, or are there albums that rise above? To join me in today's discussion is special guest Russ from the Infectious Groove Podcast. This week's mini topics (in order) that we discuss are cancelling musicians, and the ticketmaster situation. Then […]
  • In this episode, I will discuss Lady Gaga's "The Fame Monster" and  Bjork's "Homogenic". Listen in as I break down  the stories behind making the album, themes, and favorite lyrics with special guest this week, Stony. Links: inktr.ee/trebletreblepod Thanks For Coming! A Rupaul's Drag Race Podcast: linktr.ee/tfcpod

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